“The Mile Hi Church Foundation offers all of us who love this Church, the opportunity to secure its long-term financial strength and to contribute to a lasting legacy of superior spiritual service.”

~Dr. Roger W. Teel


Through your generous gifts, we continue to build a strong endowment fund to support Mile Hi Church, together.


Do you want to ensure the rich spiritual gift of our beloved Mile Hi Church and its teaching are always available?


There are many ways to leave a lasting legacy, including cash, annuities, bequests, and insurance policy beneficiary designations.


Mile Hi Church is a spiritual community that embraces everyone with loving acceptance and provides the tools to access the Power Within to make a profound difference in your life. In 1983, the Mile Hi Church Foundation was established to provide for the ongoing financial stability of the Church through building and maintaining endowment funds.

Through the Foundation, members and friends can contribute to the future of Mile Hi Church with a variety of gifting options and bequests that may be given now or as part of an individual’s estate. The expanding vision of Mile Hi Church in 10, 20, or even 100 years from now, can be realized with this financial foundation being created today.

The Board of Directors of the Foundation serves those who support Mile Hi Church and envisions the day when the endowment becomes a significant force in the overall prosperity of our wonderful community.



Be a vital part of the legacy that supports Mile Hi Church in perpetuity in two ways — our Giving While Living program or a planned gift (deferred until you transition). These gifts offer mutual benefits, ranging from life income to estate planning and income tax reduction.



As we proceed through life, we begin to consider the legacy we wish to leave. Many within the Mile Hi Church community seek to ensure the rich spiritual gift of our Church and its teachings are available in perpetuity. Others want to see that our message can be shared to an ever-broadening audience.



This tangible opportunity to give through current gifts supports four core areas that have been identified as important to you, and the church:  Infrastructure (strengthening our spiritual home), Youth (investing in our future), Education (teaching the spiritual principles that set us free), Outreach (living our beliefs).


to grow and steward the Mile Hi Church Endowment


a secure financial future for Mile Hi Church


how we build the endowment



Strengthening our spiritual home through building changes, signage, etc. Most of our contributions from the endowment fund to Mile Hi Church have focused on this area. Examples include the speaker’s thrust in the main sanctuary, support with the bookstore move, a new fountain in the chapel, and other potential additions and projects to be determined.



Investing in our future through supporting the Youth ministry and programs is a key goal for the Foundation board.  The Youth ministry will be a significant beneficiary of future endowment contributions to the Church as the endowment grows and will help support new and existing programs such as camps, Sunday workshops, conferences, and others. This vision for supporting Youth programming will focus on scholarships to conferences and global experiences that will help build leadership skills in teens as well as provide community-building experiences that will impact the world in a very practical manner.



By combining the commitment of our Mile Hi Church community with the strength of other charitable organizations in the Denver metro area, we can increase our ability to serve all over the city. One example of this is our support of A Little Help in the Lakewood/Golden Area. As new outreach programs are developed, we will to be in a position to support other organizations and the larger community in the future.



This Fund will help provide scholarships to students who wish to take Science of Mind and Spirit courses at Mile Hi Church but are facing financial challenges that would prevent them from enrolling. Scholarships from this fund could also be used to support students with financial need who are enrolled in Practitioner Studies and/or Ministerial training. In addition, it will support technology needs to help bring a robust online education program to our community.


through the eyes of our beloved Nautilus members


Kathleen and Kent Rautenstraus on making music and memories.


Leslie and Erik Lassi are leading by example for a new generation.


Why give now? Two anonymous donors prepare for the future.