The story of the Nautilus shell is our Foundation’s inspiration.


The Foundation uses the symbology of the nautilus shell as the basis for who we are and what we stand for. This sacred spiral is found throughout nature — in flowers, stars, galaxies, seashells, plants, and many others.

The chambered nautilus is often compared to the shape of a snail and is lined with beautiful mother-of-pearl. These mollusks are found in deep ocean areas and evolve over a 16-year period. As it continues growing in it’s coil-like manner, the main body continues to push forward into progressively larger chambers, sealing off a wall behind it each time. These growth cycles have been discovered to each measure in an exact Golden Mean ratio.

Like the nautilus shell, the Foundation is symbolic of the ever-expanding growth and renewal of Mile Hi Church as it evolves and grows throughout the years and provides for its community for generations.


Terri and I chose to invest in the future of our spiritual community by “giving while living” to the Mile Hi Church Foundation. It is a joy to actually see the good that shows up for us, and others, each time we give a gift. We joyfully give back to our “Spiritual Source” knowing that the Mile Hi Church Foundation will provide a solid financial endowment for future Mile Hi Church congregants that have not yet been born.”  

Steve Kindsfather


We feel so good about committing a portion of our trust to MHCF. We know that while we are alive, we have full access to our resources. When we transition, there is no doubt where our money will go. It was easy to set this up. We spent just a couple of hours with an estate planning attorney who easily drew up a trust to be divided according to our wishes. Now we know that the Science of Mind teachings that are so important to us will be sustained so that people just like us can find their spiritual home like we did.”

Leslie and Erik Lassi


I am a Nautilus Member who supports the growth of the endowment managed by the Mile Hi Church Foundation Board.  I am so grateful for who I have become. You too can support the endowment and be a part of Mile Hi Church’s tomorrows while envisioning a time of greater kindness, more compassion, and love. I believe Mile Hi will continue to ripple out its humanity for the good of all and our planet.”

Judy Turner