Thanks to some significant growth and retooling in 2017, the Foundation is poised to even more effectively support Mile Hi Church in thriving in perpetuity. Each Nautilus member, donor and director partnered to make this happen.

Endowment Milestone Reached: $1.12 Million

In terms of numbers, 2017 was the year the endowment hit a milestone: $1 million in the middle of the year. By year’s end, we were at $1.12 million, close to the $1.2 million we established as our year-end goal. The next milestone is to reach $2 million by the end of 2019. Between our legacy donors (where gifts are deferred until transition), our Giving While Living donors and growth of the existing endowment funds, we should achieve this.

The endowment performed well as the economy rebounded in 2017. We had a 12.6% annual return after investment company fees. Considering our investment mix, 2017 was an above average year. In addition, we added two charitable annuities to support the endowment, one of which was converted to an outright gift.

This year, we grew our Nautilus ranks to 240 individuals, welcoming nine new Nautilus members. Sadly, three of our beloved Nautilus members transitioned: former Foundation director Bob Holt, former Foundation treasurer and director Fred Taake, and Nancy Kremer.

Membership Growth

Visit our Nautilus Wall near the Prayer and Care Center and review the names of those committed individuals and what they stood for. The nautilus shell on a plaque designates Nautilus members who have transitioned.

To meet our educational goals, we presented to the Practitioner Huddle and congregants via several brunches. Our planned giving ambassador held 21 meetings with 29 interested congregants to discuss their giving goals and which instruments aligned with them.

Planned Giving

Optimism for 2018 growth comes in part from some re-tooling. As of February, the Foundation website is being overhauled with more user-friendly features. The website has our new logo and a fresh, modern look. We also have added a detailed page for planned giving that includes downloadable brochures and information on the many potential types of support you might consider, as well as a planned giving calculator tool. This tool helps you explore your unique situation and charitable goals in the privacy of your home. It will calculate the income and tax benefits of your gifts and help explore various opportunities in estate planning.

It also links you to our planned giving ambassador, Charlie Goldsmith, who can answer any questions you may have and assist you in putting into place any of these giving vehicles.